About us

GTS Rail is the GTS group rail division, which has been operating in liberalized market since 2008.
Its mission consists in providing high quality and efficiency traction services both for goods and for passengers. Today’s “real” level of liberalization allows to provide services only for goods. GTS services are addressed to any kind of train and customer.
GTS Rail aims at becoming a best practice in the railway world, which, unfortunately, is still characterised by the presence of public, semi-public, national and foreigner subjects.
Efficiency and quality are at the basis of our operational model: they do not remain abstract concepts, rather they pervade our everyday work, values and corporate culture. 
When thinking at railways, the ensuing image and sensation are negative, by definition, since many companies and people have experienced dramatic or even disastrous situations. GTS has the strong will to reverse the common idea of railways as a second-rate, low-quality and obsolete system.
We operate in a 100-years-old market showing a great potential, which has not managed to express itself yet. Suffice it to think that only 4% of goods is transported by train, and the transport of people is inefficient.
“GTS Rail perfectly knows which is the key factor to become a successful company. The railway world is characterised by an incredible passion: our aim is to let all of our co-workers express such passion. If we manage, this means we will have achieved our challenging goals”.

Alessio Muciaccia, GTS Rail CEO