Gts Rail is founder of I.R.F.A. ( Italian Railway Freight Alliance), the first totally italian network of companies.

Thanks to this new network agreement, it has been possible to establish a close collaboration with our colleagues ISC, CFI and Oceanogate. 
As a matter of fact, the Railway sector is a complex one, requiring the involvement of high level professionals.
IRFA’s aim is to establish firm and continuing forms of cooperation between members adhering to the network, so as to create strong synergies thanks to which companies may improve in terms of quality, innovation and competitiveness and be ready to face the hard challenges imposed by the market.

On behalf of the private system of railway transport of goods, IRFA aims at making adhering companies become landmarks, thanks to their competitiveness, flexibility and reliability. In this way, companies may meet the needs of customers as well as of the italian logistic system, thus contributing to the recovery of the whole country’s economic system. Strengthening connections by means of bridges, reinforcing connections with mountain border posts in order to facilitate international outlets and intensifying the number of traits to and from the center and south of Italy are only some of the goals adhering companies pursue.
Irfa stresses the fact that today, in Italy, “most of the transportation of goods and people is realized on road: this is an extremely inefficient modality from an energetic point of view, which has a strong impact on environment, safety and life quality. Institutions at European, national and regional level have been long stressing the importance of relying on energetically efficient and sustainable modalities of transport, in order to reduce energy consumption, environmental impacts and dependency on fossil fuels. Pursuing the development of railway transport also means pursuing environmentally sustainable development and growth: this represents one of the goals that the network of companies intends to achieve.