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Ground handlers

Applicants must have engineering qualification, train training and verification of rolling stock.

The places of recruitment are: Milano and Piacenza.

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Engine driver, handler and rolling stock checker

GTS SpA is selecting applicants for the positions of engine driver, handler and rolling stock checker.
The ideal candidate meets the following requirements:


  • Age: 18 years
  • Middle school Diploma
  • Absence of criminal convictions and lis pendens
  • Physical and psychological fitness
  • Regular chromatic sense
  • Eyesight 10/10
  • Perfect knowledge of the Italian language
  • Experience in the railways sector

Priority will be given to candidates in possession of Technical Expert Diploma as well as candidates who obtained railways qualifications. Selected candidates will attend a training course, that will take place in Bari.

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Instructors conduct, training and check: Bari, Ancona e Piacenza

GTS Rail is selecting ANSF/RFI qualified applicants for the position of Instructor in the following areas:


  • Conduct;
  • Training and Train Accompaniment;
  • Rolling stock check.
Location: Bari
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Location: Ancona
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Location: Piacenza
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