The “Loco” fleet is composed of 15 Bombardier Electric Locomotives.

locomotiva gts railE483.051SASHAGTS RAIL09/2009
locomotiva gts railE483.052FREEDOMGTS RAIL10/2009
locomotiva gts railE483.053INDEPENDENCEGTS RAIL11/2009
locomotiva gts railE483.054ELETTRAGTS RAIL12/2011
locomotiva gts railE483.055ZOEGTS RAIL01/2012
locomotiva gts railE483.056NICOLAGTS RAIL06 /2015
locomotiva gts railE483.057ALESSANDROGTS RAIL06 /2015
locomotiva gts railE483.058FELICIAGTS RAIL12 /2016
locomotiva gts railE483.059LEONIDAGTS RAIL02/2017
locomotiva gts railE483.060APULIAGTS RAIL02 /2017
locomotiva gts railE494.251ZEUSGTS RAIL01/2019
locomotiva gts railE494.252ULISSEGTS RAIL06/2019
locomotiva gts railE494.253"LIVT DA NANZ"GTS RAIL07/2019
locomotiva gts railE494.254MAZINGA ZETAGTS RAIL09/2019
locomotiva gts railE494.255BACK TO THE FUTUREGTS RAIL10/2019

Locomotives, too, match the company’s philosophy of family belonging, that is why they have a “symbolic” name making them unique.
When they were created, in fact, they were not named after the technical name decided by burocracy, but they were given a meaningful name, both for the company and for the family. Their names are:

• Locomotives of company’s property:

– Sasha (051), Elettra (054) and Zoe (055), Nicola (056) and Alessandro (057) dedicated to important people to GTS founders (for an odd alchemy, locomotives have the same character as these people);
– Freedom (052) and Indipendence (053), just like the company’s philosophy, that contributed to make GTS an italian excellence.

• Locomotives rented from Alphatrains:

– Zeus (006)

From a technical point of view, all locomotives are produced by Bombardier and belong to the same series and group, so they share similar features.

The E483 locomotive (TRAXX F140 DC where F=Freight 140=max 140km/h DC=direct current)is a variant of the TRAXX F140 MS politension locomotive used only in Italy as 3kv direct current locomotive (standard EN50163). It has a 2.2kVcc ÷ 4.1kVcc voltage operating range and it is designed to reach the maximum speed of 140 km/h. It is calculated that its technical life is 30 years, with an operating range at an operating temperature of -30°C÷40°C.

In compliance with the clearance gauge established by FICHE UIC 505-1, the E483 locomotive has a 18900 mm length over buffer, and maximum width of 2978 mm. Its track gauge is 1435mm and it has an original wheel diameter of 1250mm, which reduces to 1170mm with the wearing effect of time. The minimum curvature radius is 100m horizontally and 300m vertically.

Its mass is 83t and its inertial mass is, respectively, G=72t / P=88t / R=127 t, according to the UIC 544-1 law. The brake system has disk brake linings on all wheels, whereas the spring service brake works only on one wheel of an axle.

The Bo’Bo’ wheel arrangement, with MITRAC DR 3600N three-phase induction motors, is suitable for a breakaway force of 300kN, for a maximum traction power of 5.6MW and a maximum braking power of 2.6MW (recovery or reostatic).

The Board Technological System is constituted by SCMT, a security device and CAB-Radio GSM-R.

Multiple control can be realized with 4 locomotives (ANSF homologated up to 2 locomotives) by means of a UIC ZWS cable, and it is also possible to operate by remote control from a semi-pilot carriage, by means of a UIC ZWS cable.