We tell the people who, day after day, make GTS RAIL a leading company in Europe.

Our mission is to offer traction services in the world of goods with high standards of quality and efficiency.

Alessio Muciaccia

We tell the story of the people who, day after day, make GTS RAIL a leading company in Europe. Our mission is to provide high quality traction services in the world of goods.
The company’s sole administrator and its CEO, Alessio Muciaccia, was born in 1976 in Bari and graduated in Economics and Commerce. He joined the company in 1999.
As a married father of four, he created GTS RAIL in 2008 at the dawn of liberalization, believing that an open market would create limitless opportunities for growth. In 2008, rail was synonymous with slowness, inefficiency, rigidity.
Our mission is to overturn outdated paradigms with “facts.” Since then, there have been records set, new relationships made, and significant investments (over 150 million euros).
Through eradicating the perception that railways are an old-style business and bringing a radically new managerial style to the sector, GTS RAIL’s strength grows and asserts itself.
Our goal is to become the best practice in the European railway panorama. The road is marked: safety, sustainability, originality… and have fun!

Stefano Stea

Engineer with a Ph. D in mechanical engineering. He joined GTS after a long career in the railway industry, as responsible for railway maintenance and Rail Services. From March 2021, the Director of Operation GTS Rail. A deep passion and respect for the railway world were inherited from his father and all the old-fashioned railwaymen with whom he had the pleasure of dealing. Decades of experience in the railway maintenance sector on both passenger and freight vehicles. Professional Stadler ETR 330 electric trains are supplied by this company. Each macro component of the vehicle was tested in the factory under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, USTIF. He participated in the training course for the qualification of the Head of the ASTRA/ANSF Safety Management System. Over the years, it has boasted various collaborations with training centers recognized by the National Railway Safety Agency. recognized by ANSFISA as a vehicle maintenance instructor and examiner. CCA is licensed.

Franco Pignatelli

Franco Pignatelli, who joined the GTS group in 2019, is Head of RU and RSPP of GTS RAIL. Franco, passionate about sports and mechanical engineering, graduated in civil hydraulic engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari. Specializing in Management Systems for Quality, Environment, and Safety, as well as in Occupational Safety, HACCP, Privacy, and CE Marking. Before joining GTS, he worked as an independent in the private and public sectors, gaining experience and knowledge as an auditor for certification bodies.

Enza Lassandro

GTS RAIL’s Head of Security Management System, Enza Lassandro. She has been in charge of GTS RAIL’s Safety Management System since 2008. The Railway Safety Management System (RSMS) is the departmental function in responsibility of establishing, maintaining, and extending the system at all operational levels.
The RSGS’s activities must adhere to the requirements of independence from activities that are directly related to the production of services.
The National Agency for Railway Safety issues the RSGS qualification if the standards outlined in Decree ANSF n.4/2011 are met and maintained over time, and are a requirement for maintaining the Safety Certificate.

Bartolomeo Loliva

He joined the GTS Railroad Engineering Team in 2011 after 10 years of experience on the Verona Railroad.
Thanks to his outstanding achievements in this area, he has been in the position of Vehicle Management Manager since 2012.
Since 2016, he has also held the position of Operations Room Manager, managing and coordinating the railway operations of GTS Rail with the participation of staff and associated room operators.

Vito Desantis

Graduated in Management Engineering, Vito Desantis joined GTS Rail in 2014, as an employee in the railway safety management system. In 2017, after obtaining the professional training certificate issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, he was appointed Consultant for the Safety of the Transport of Dangerous Goods by GTS Rail. Starting from July 2020, he also holds the role of Head of Training, a corporate figure who manages the process of acquiring and maintaining the skills of the personnel employed in security activities.