Passengers Project

Have a look at Germany, France, UK, Holland, Belgium, and so on.. Now have a look at Italy.
We cannot but notice the yawning gap existing between the passengers service offered by these countries and the one offered by Italy.
Obsolete trains that are always late, increasingly reduced frequency and no renewal of the rolling stock fleet.
In spite of an allocation of billions of euros, the railway system is increasingly falling into decay.
Instead of considering railways as the future of transport, many people do their best to make it become past and forget it.
When we look at trains circulating in the italian network, what comes to our mind is movies and situations from the 80’s and we do not get carried away into the future, unlike what happens when looking at other countries.
Moreover, the gap between north and south is even more yawning.
This happens not only because all long- and short-range connections are cut, but also because new rolling stock is always directedto some precise parts of Italy.
The current italian situation is not so reassuring.
Our company is confident that the railway sector, both in the goods and in the passengers sector, will play a vital role for sustainable development in Italy.
Offer has disappeared, and foreigners are reluctant to invest in such a “difficult” country.
In the near future our company will enter the sector of passengers transport.
In this respect, what we expect is only that this initiative may take off and find no obstacles.
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